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ALBA Consultas is a group of professional independent advisers working across the Costa Blanca. We are a team of laywers, accountants, architects, translators, financial and business advisers. We speak various languages and have spent over 35 years helping clients through the maze of Spanish bureaucracy.

ALBA Consultas Ltd. have just expanded into second premises conveniently located in central Benidorm to better offer a complete service by their team of qualified Anglo-Hispanic professionals to guide you through the maze of paperwork in Spain.

Each month, we hope to offer you helpful and informative articles here to aid you in your time in Spain:
Over 70% of title deeds (escrituras) in the Valencia province are inaccurate.
“The most common errors were under-declaring purchase prices, which up until recent inspections and clamp-downs were common practice, also incorrect sizes for plots or constructions” says Victoria Wright, founding partner at ALBA who has spent years specializing in border disputes and land grab abuses.

“It may seem like small details but demarcation disputes can be long and protracted if not handled correctly, setting neighbours against each other and in some cases leading to avoidable property demolitions” quoted Ana Escobar the solicitor who handles ALBA’s court cases, from land disputes to personal injury claims & divorce.

“These errors can lead to large capital gains bills when selling your property” says Vicente, their accountant who covers all aspects of taxes including business management, ex-pat residency and pension tax advice.

What can you do to check if there is an error on your deeds? “Most errors can be corrected if dealt with properly” says Stuart Hepburn, founding partner, specialising in finance, inter-country inheritance and probate estate management.

He continues “For a start, we at ALBA offer to review your deed for FREE. Simply bring your documents to our offices, where they will be checked over by one of our experts. If errors are found, we will advise you of the correct course of action and quote for the work involved.”

Meet The Team

Victoria Mary Wright – Victoria has had a full and varied education and career spanning Great Britain, the United States and Spain. After being educated in Spain and the UK, she moved to the U.S. to further her studies. She returned to the U.K. and ran her own business there before deciding to return to Spain in 1999. Perfectly bi-lingual in Spanish and English, Victoria has worked in Spanish law for the past 12 years, focussing on property law, divorces – including custody and jurisdiction disputes - and helping ex-pats settle in Spain. She is married and has been adopted by a Siamese cat called Duchess.

Stuart Hepburn – Stuart is a regular nomad who has finally pitched his tent on the Costa Blanca! After a degree education at St. Andrews (Bsc. Hons), he joined Unilever plc and has worked and lived in: the UK, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Ireland and latterly here in Spain. Originally a marketeer by training, he has general management and banking experience. He is very aware of the issues facing persons re-locating internationally and covers primarily fiscal and inheritance issues. Married, Stuart enjoys all social activities and has yet to find an Aston Martin DBS in silver affordable enough to purchase!