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The friendly team at Alba continue to offer legal advice and solutions from their offices located in the Notary building situated in Avenida Mediterraneo 132 Floor 1 Teulada 03725

Whether you are buying, selling or renting properties, we cover all aspects of property conveyancing, particularly qualified in legalizing construction. Specializing in estate management we can aid you in  making a Spanish and UK compliant Will, obtaining probate for a loved one, give you inheritance tax advice, form trusts for beneficiaries, and even mediate in inheritor conflicts.

Whether you´re importing or transferring ownership of a vehicle, presenting a tax return, registering with the Town Hall, Doctors surgery or residency & Visa applications – We can advise and help you!

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The friendly team at Alba continue to offer legal advice and solutions and we also have UK and Spanish accountants and an house financial advisor. Whether you are buying, selling or renting properties, making a will, importing or transporting a vehicle, presenting a tax return, even registering with the town hall, doctors or applying for residency – They can advise and help you!

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Each month, we hope to offer you helpful and informative articles here to aid you in your time in Spain:
Over 70% of title deeds (escrituras) in the Valencia province are inaccurate.
“The most common errors were under-declaring purchase prices, which up until recent inspections and clamp-downs were common practice, also incorrect sizes for plots or constructions” says Victoria Wright, founding partner at ALBA who has spent years specializing in border disputes and land grab abuses.

It may seem like small details but demarcation disputes can be long and protracted if not handled correctly, setting neighbours against each other and in some cases leading to avoidable property demolitions.

“These errors can lead to large capital gains bills when selling your property” says Vicente, their accountant who covers all aspects of taxes including business management, ex-pat residency and pension tax advice.

What can you do to check if there is an error on your deeds? “Most errors can be corrected if dealt with properly” says Ian Raistrick, our property advice specialist.

He continues “For a start, we at ALBA offer to review your deed for FREE. Simply bring your documents to our offices, where they will be checked over by one of our experts. If errors are found, we will advise you of the correct course of action and quote for the work involved.”