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Community Disputes

From the moment an owner takes on the title deed of a property they also take on the community benefits and responsibilities.

There will usually be a coefficient reflected in the deed. In any community there should be an administrator, a committee formed of homeowners and a presiding president.

In our experience communities are best run by homeowners with a vested interest in the community.
There are often communal elements and community statutes in the constitution which may be suprising, not just public areas such as swimming pools and gardens, but building facades, terraces, balcony railings etc.

Even in the communities where these elements are not in common such as individual villas on an urbanization, we often find that the community have rules regarding exterior paint colours, dividing garden walls and satellite dishes etc.

Any changes to the community statutes or committee members should be voted by a majority vote of homeowners.

The community payments are a legal obligation and the community have the legal right to embargo your account for unpaid fees.

If renting, clarify your responsibilities and benefits with your landlord. ALBA Consultas  can act as administrators, interpreter, negotiator and mediator in neighborhood disputes where required.