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Police Reports and Complaints

We at ALBA Consultas Ltd hope you have a relaxing and trouble free holiday. Though Benidorm is usually a fun, holiday-centered resort, sometimes things just don´t go as we hoped. In a foreign country, we do not always know where to turn, and who to go to for help and advice for stressing eventualities such as:

Theft or Assault
If you become the unfortunate victim of a crime such as theft or assault (for example having your handbag stolen), these are clearly criminal acts and police assistance should always be sought. A “denuncia” – or police report should be filed as soon as possible. A quick call to our friendly team at ALBA will ensure you have someone to both translate
and represent your interests in the case. We can travel to you to avoid lengthy queues at police stations and we can also provide you with a written translation of the police report should you require it for any future insurance claim.

Faulty Goods or Services
If you are dissatisfied with any goods purchased or services during your stay, you should ask for a Reclaim Form – “Hoja de Reclamación”. Ideally, you complete the form on the spot. The vendor should complete their part and give you a copy. You must then ensure a copy is sent to the corresponding authority. To avoid lengthy and costly battles it is best to get accurate advice from us on how best to present YOUR case from the start.