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There are qualifications and guilds in Spain much the same as there are in the UK. In fact, Spain leads Europe in some areas of construction and technology.

We suggest that before contracting a tradesman or construction company you consider the following: If the construction, extension or modification is structural, if it requires permits and licence's or if it is in a property for future sale or rent you would be well advised to use a registered builder with insurance both to underwrite their work and protect for employee injuries.

If the work involves electric, plumbing or gas please ensure they are licensed to give a "bolletin". Taking into consideration the climate here both the tools and the slow drying products used are best in the hands of experienced laborers used to this.

There are of course occasions when cash in hand friendly tradesmen are the best alternative. However we always recommend you put it in writing the agreement regarding work to be undertaken and confirm price and finishing dates. Verbal contracts and handshakes are ideal for when everything runs to plan.

ALBA Consultas can help formalize for you from the simplest one paragraph agreement to complete project contracts.