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Town Hall Permits

For construction purposes there are two types of town hall permits:

"Obra Mayor" - major construction works & extensions
"Obra Menor" - small works; usually non structural

Both will require a fee which equates to a percentage of the cost of the works undertaken, a plan and a builders quote. However, the major works permit will require more reports including a structural engineer, supporting photographs, proof that the works will not affect the neighbours or surrounding properties.

The process can be simplified if the proper procedure is undertaken but it is important to note: a town hall permit can be granted without regard for other permits which may also be required or the town hallĀ“s decision can be overturned.

There are often long delays in waiting for permits which cause many to begin works illegally hoping that if they are later caught they may just pay a fine. However, we strongly advise that you research the possibility of obtaining the licence and following the law and only begin before the permits are granted under extremely secure circumstances as the adverse consequences can be dire.

ALBA constulas can help you through all aspects of licence applications.