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Fluent in Spanish, English, Real Estate and Law!

Know what you’re signing & what you need to sign.

ALBA Consultas are a team of lawyers, financial advisors, architects, property agents and translators here to help you on the Costa Blanca.

From representation in court for criminal proceedings or civil actions through to out of court settlements, independent arbitration of neighbourhood disputes to organization of wills, weddings, rental and purchase contracts, and residencies undertaken.

All aspects of conveyancing, business set up, tax advice, town hall permits, legalizing new builds and illegal builds, land grab, repossessions, boundary disputes and title deed discrepancies managed.

We help guide you through the maze of Spanish bureaucracy.

Whatever issues the Spanish system throws at you, rest assured there’s help a telephone call away.


Have rogue workmen turned up at your door saying it is law that they update your gas installation?
Have you heard conflicting information about driving in Spain on U.K plates or license?
Are you unhappy with a service provided by a telecom or utility company and want to know how to reclaim?


Have you been asked to sign something by your community, landlord or campsite owner but are not sure if you should?

If you live on a campsite year round or indeed park your van there permanently, even if you travel back and forth it is important to know the new laws regarding “permanent structures on your plot”, the important differences between a residential and Tourist campsite and what rights you have against extortionate electric sub-contracting  and which specific infrastructure and facilities should be provided to you.


Moving to a foreign country is tempting, in particular Spain, but it can also be very daunting specially if you don’t speak the language or are not sure of the laws.

Did you know that bars can be fined in excess of 6000 if they employ staff without a legal contract.
The Spanish authorities are clamping down on businesses in the area checking for the following;

  • Town hall aperture license
  • Health & safety certificate
  • Employee contracts
  • Proof of tax and IRPF payments
  • Legally binding valid contracts*
    And the rules for running a business here are changing all the time!
    (*Your rental, leasehold (transpaso) or employment contract may be invalid if it is not provided in your own language, or dated..)



At last! All your representation worries dealt with under one roof. We are a team of lawyers, tax accountants, architects, translators, financial and business advisors.
We can oversee the legalities and paperwork for you, leaving you free to run your business knowing you are FULLY LEGAL.

Even if you have existing representation – contact us for a free, no obligation, surprisingly reasonable quote. We offer a same day response, we can come to you or visit us at our established office in Altea or our new premises in Benidorm.

We have many services available but too many to list. Here are a few;

  • Accompaniment to doctors
  • Property valuations
  • Property maintenance
  • Weddings in Spain
  • Mortgages & Loans
  • School enrolments
  • Vehicle imports & transfers
  • Business start ups & accounts
  • Tax returns & fiscal advice.